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Arguments: Driver Object Guid Data Return Value: Status Code --*/ _IRQL_requires_max_(PASSIVE_LEVEL) _Must_inspect_result_ ULONG Class Initialize Ex( _In_ PDRIVER_OBJECT Driver Object, _In_ LPGUID Guid, _In_ PVOID Data ) // end Class Initialize Ex() /* //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Class Unload() Routine Description: called when there are no more references to the driver.this allows drivers to be updated without rebooting.// We default this to 0x FFFFFFFF as this is what the power manager considers // "never" and ensures we do not set a disk idle timeout until the power // manager calls us back with a different value.// ULONG Disk Idle Timeout In MS = 0x FFFFFFFF; NTSTATUS Dll Unload(VOID) /* //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Driver Entry() Routine Description: Temporary entry point needed to initialize the class system dll. Arguments: Driver Object - Pointer to the driver object created by the system. Initialization Data - Device-specific driver's initialization data.

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It looks at the SRB status in the completing SRB and if not success it checks for valid request sense buffer information.

/* Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation, 1991 - 2010 Module Name: class.c Abstract: SCSI class driver routines Environment: kernel mode only Notes: Revision History: --*/ #define CLASS_INIT_GUID 1 #define DEBUG_MAIN_SOURCE 1 #include "classp.h" #include "debug.h" #include #ifdef DEBUG_USE_WPP #include "class.tmh" #endif #ifdef ALLOC_PRAGMA #pragma alloc_text(INIT, Driver Entry) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Add Device) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Claim Device) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Create Device Object) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Dispatch Pnp) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Get Descriptor) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Get Pdo Id) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Initialize) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Initialize Ex) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Invalidate Bus Relations) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Mark Child Missing) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Mark Children Missing) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Mode Sense) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Pnp Query Fdo Relations) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Pnp Start Device) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Query Pnp Capabilities) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Query Time Out Registry Value) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Remove Device) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Retrieve Device Relations) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Update Information In Registry) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Send Device Io Control Synchronous) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Unload) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Classp Allocate Release Request) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Classp Free Release Request) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Classp Initialize Hotplug Info) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Classp Register Mounted Device Interface) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Classp Scan For Class Hacks) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Classp Scan For Special In Registry) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Classp Mode Sense) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Classp Is Portable) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Acquire Child Lock) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Determine Token Operation Command Support) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Device Process Offload Read) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Device Process Offload Write) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Classp Service Populate Token Transfer Request) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Classp Service Write Using Token Transfer Request) #if (NTDDI_VERSION = NTDDI_WINBLUE) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Mode Sense Ex) #endif #endif #pragma prefast(disable:28159, "There are certain cases when we have to bugcheck...") IO_COMPLETION_ROUTINE Class Check Verify Complete; ULONG Class Pnp Allow Unload = TRUE; ULONG Class Max Interleave Per Critical Io = CLASS_MAX_INTERLEAVE_PER_CRITICAL_IO; CONST LARGE_INTEGER Magic10000 = ; GUID Storage Predict Failure DPSGuid = WDI_STORAGE_PREDICT_FAILURE_DPS_GUID; #define First Drive Letter ' C' #define Last Drive Letter ' Z' BOOLEAN Use QPCTime = FALSE; // // Keep track of whether security cookie is initialized or not. // BOOLEAN Init Security Cookie = FALSE; // // List Identifier for offload data transfer operations // ULONG Max Token Operation List Identifier = MAX_TOKEN_LIST_IDENTIFIERS; volatile ULONG Token Operation List Identifier = (ULONG)-1; // // List of FDOs that have enabled idle power management.

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