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09-Feb-2018 05:44

Luckily for everyone, research into NLP suggests that it is nonsense anyway; see below.

The pseudoscience NLP seems to be claptrap (one psychiatrist, Dr Roderique Davis, describes it as “cargo-cult psychology”, meaning that it was designed to look like science without doing any of the work).

PUAs, of course, are the Pick-Up Artists themselves (entertainingly, if you get really good, you can be a Pick-Up Guru or PUG).

Before they were initiated, they were just AFCs – Average Frustrated Chumps – like the rest of us.

The weird techniques A few of these have become quite well-known already, especially the “neg” or subtle not-exactly-put-down intended to pique a woman's interest and slightly dent her self-esteem; along the lines of “Nice hair. ” But there are thousands, ranging from ordinary activities given needless new names to Dadaist surreal touches.

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You can't get far in the world of pick-up artistry without a silly name.

In other words, if this actually worked, PUAs would be hypnotising women into sex.

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Again with Ellington, Dinah appeared in June 1932 on B-6175 with a compulsory small label, as the cut is long. For example, there are plenty of Indian HMVs with the regular B- prefix knocking around (largely brought back to the U. by Service Personnel); and, as far as I recall, they all say: Made in India. It was issued in December 1945 and deleted in March 1949.… continue reading »

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At the bottom of every Facebook page, you'll see your Facebook Chat tools.… continue reading »

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