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12-4-17: Q&A: banner PWAERPB; Barney PWRA*ERPB; do you currently TKAOURPBL; my wife SWAOEUF; your wife SWAO*EUF; by whom are you employed PWEUFRPD; international SPWERPBLT; services S-FSZ; system S-PL; that can be THAFRBG; that could be THAFRBGD; easier KWRA*ERZ; easy AEZ; porter PRORT; supervise SPR*F; supervisor SPR*FR; supervisory SPR*EUFR; area KWRAEUR; manager PH-RG; promote PROEPLT; promotion PROEPLGS; janitor SKWRAORPBT; janitorial SKWRAORPBLT; Hudson HUDZ; Manhattan PHAPBT; whole time WHOEPLT; the whole time TWHOEPLT; Broadway PWRAUFRTS; this way TH-FRTS; that way THAFRTS; no way TPHOFRTS.

Lit: William WEUPL; surgery SURG; surgeon SOURG; one of the WUFT; influence TPHRU; influential TPHRUL; rubber R-RB; surgical SURLG; surgically S*URLG; operating PRAEUGT; proceed PROE; procedure PROER; cancer KARPBS; part of PAFRT; part of the PAFRTD; parts of PAFRTS; parts of the PA*FRTS; he also ELSZ; he always *ELZ; breast cancer PWRERPBS; convince KWEUPBS; convinced KW*EUPBS; radical RALD; ideas KWR-DZ; ignore TKPWOERPB; ignorance TKPWOERPBS; ignores TKPWOERPBZ; random RAPBD; conservative KR*EUF; alternate ARPBLT; alternative A*FRLT; alter ARLT.

12-1-17: Q&A: other than OERPB; Virginia SRAERPBLG; have you SRU; have you ever SR*UFR; have you ever been SR*UFRB; Wilson WEULS; employed KPW-D; did you have TK*UF; did you have occasion TK*UFGS; ambulance PWHRAPBS; shepherd SHERPD; resort ROEFRT; hotel HOELGTS; boarding PWOERGD; anything like TPHEUL; anything like that TPHEULT; nil TPH*EUL; birthday PW-RD; casino KAOPBS; what time WHAPLT; arrive A*FR; in the morning TPHERPBG; got up TKPWOPT.

Lit: Carson KARS; decided STKAOEUTD; had made H*PBLGZ; to make TO*PBLGD; village SREULG; winter WEURPBT; succeed S*UBGD; succeeded S*UBGTD; rocky ROEUBG; mountains PHOEPBTS; impressed KPWRESD; festivities TP*EFTS; Christmas SPHAS; Indian SPWAPB; New Mexico TPH-PL; Apache PAEFP; Pueblo PO*EBL; excerpts KPERPTS; Brooklyn PWRAOPBL; scarcely SKAEURLS; reception REUPGS; receptionist R*EUPGS.

11-17-17: Q&A: status STA*TS; status quo SKWO; center STR; central STR-L; life insurance HRAOURPBS; initiated TPHEURBTD; I didn't KWREU; you didn't TKWREU; select SHREBGT; selecting SHR*EBGT; full TPUL; fully TP*UL; actual TAOUL; actually TAO*UL; submit SPHEUT; agree TKPWRAE; agree with TKPWRAEFRBLG; agreed with TKPWRAEFRBLGD; agrees with TKPWRAEFRBLGZ; HMO HOPL; I can't have KWRA*F; you can't have TKWRA*F; impede KPWAOED; obstruct STROUBGT; second SEBGD; secondary SAERBGD; coverage KO*FRPBLG; Medicare PHEBGD; Medicaid PH*EBGD; applied PHRAED; signature S*EUGT; sitting SEUGT; absolutely SHRAOULT; as I S*EU; I did EURPLS; I did not EURPLSZ; and I didn't SKP*EURPLS.

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Lit: I would EULD; I wouldn't EULTD; I would not EUPBLD; maybe PHAEUB; may be PHA*EUB; hi H*EU; hello H-L; had I HEU; you look UBLG; it looked THRAOBGD; she looks SHEBLGZ; recover RO*FR; recovery RO*EFR; of it T-F; remarked RARBGD; suspicious SPEURBS; transform TR*PL; transformation TR*PLGS; department TK-PT; sweater SWERT; antenna TAEPB; antennae TA*EPB; midnight PHEUPBTD; idiot TKOEUT; idiocy TKOEUS; wrinkle WREUPBL; surgery SURG; surgeon SOURG; surgical SURLG. PHR-PLS; years old KWR-RLDZ; treasure TRER; treasury TR*ER; malignant PHALGT; typhoid TAOEUFD; prospect PROBGT; protect PREBGT; triumphed TRAOEUFPLD; prevailed PRAO*EFLD; blessing PWHREFG; to them TOFPL; circle SEURLG; influence TPHRU; joyful SKWROEUFL; apparent PAERPBT; apparently PAERPBL; he could EBGD; he could not #EBGD; magnet PHAEGT.

11-22-17: Q&A: Eric *ERBG; earthquake ERBG; Brooklyn PWRAOPBL; address TKRAES; Avenue A*EF; avenue AEF; is that also STHALSZ; I also EULSZ; zip STKPWHREUP; ZIP code STKPWHR*EUPD; 23rd #23-D; 49th #4-9D; at the time of the accident TEFBGS; where you were WRURP; where were you WR*URP; what it was TWHAFS; what was it TWHA*FS; I started EUFRSZ; I want to TOEUPT; brother-in-law PWROERPBL; sister-in-law ST-RPBL; mother-in-law PHOERPBL; father-in-law TPAERPBL.

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