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08-Nov-2017 23:58

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“They will tell you unequivocally the Ark is there.” Ethiopians believe the Ark is located in the Aksumite Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion, but every church in Ethiopia and throughout the world must have a replica of the Ark in order affirm their legitimacy, Bekerie said.

Ethiopia is one of the oldest Christian civilizations in the world.

Menelik’s rite of passage was to travel to Jerusalem to meet with his father.

The overjoyed king asked him to become the king of Israel, but the son wanted to return back to Ethiopia.” “His return (there are many versions) resulted in the establishment of Judaism (a new tradition of believing in one God) in Ethiopia with the most important sacred symbol of the Ark at the center of the new belief system.

“Certainly the best, from some very interesting private collections,” Vikan said.

“I was attracted to it before anyone paid much attention to it.” When the collection of a sub-Saharan art dealer who passed away was being sold off, Vikan got a call.

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The collection of Ethiopian Art at the Walters Art Museum is exhibited with those of Byzantium and Russia in a permanent gallery devoted to the art of the Orthodox world. ——————————————————————————————– Listen on WNYC: ——————————————————————————————- “I do remember going into somebody’s house in Washington [D.

According to Ethiopian oral tradition, Empress Makeda paid a visit to King Solomon in Jerusalem where she made a deliberate journey in order to learn from the reported wisdom of the king.

She did achieve her objective and even more by giving birth to Menelik, the son of the king.

“In the context of doing the exhibition, it was not easy.

It was a troubled moment historically” in Ethiopia, Vikan said, with Mengistu Haile Mariam’s reign of Red Terror having just ended.Due to the inclusive nature of African traditional religions, Christians were able to worship openly without fear of persecution.

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