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13-Dec-2017 15:10

The webcam snooping was also not limited to users who are on the list of intelligence targets.

This movie was very fun to watch, made me jump a few times, and the story unwound perfectly.

When we see the shot where we see the view from Elizabeth's computer and the hidden camera in her vent simultaneously, she raises her arms which blocks the vent from the web-cam's view.

However, the laptop is still in full view from the hidden camera's point of view.

The surveillance was conducted to test facial recognition technology and for intelligence gathering purposes.

However, GCHQ does not have a way to filter the collected data, whether they are feeds from British or Americans so the latter population was not exempted.Only consider all the other negative reviews and just give this movie a try. I feel like the build up was great, the storytelling was fresh, and the ending was clever.