Chat hard no reg

11-Jun-2017 22:38

So what ends up happening is that I end up with a list of skipped numbers because the counter is getting advanced even when there is no displayname being printed to the list. @echo off set tab= set reg Var=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Uninstall set excluded=Microsoft MDOP Dell set count=1 for /f "tokens=1,2,*" %%a in ('Reg Query %reg Var% /S^|findstr "Display Name Uninstall String" ^| findstr /v "%excluded%"') do ( setlocal Enable Delayed Expansion for %%n in (! ) do ( endlocal if "%%a"=="Display Name" set product[%%n]=%%c&echo %%n.%tab%%%c if "%%a"=="Uninstall String" if defined product[%%n] set uninstall[%%n]==%%c&set/a count =1 ) ) So for some reason the counter is getting advanced past 2 even though no product[2] is being defined.

And in the 32 bit version I have 5 entries showing up, one of them is blank, which prints like this: of which I've tackled with my update yesterday.

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What you can then do is type in the number, and it returns the Display name in that array: So this as it stands filters out everything microsoft, mdop, and dell What I want it to do is ALSO look in that key for that Display Name and return another key called Uninstall String and assign that to the array uninstallprod[] with the same associated index.

The issue I'm running into is that I cant figure out how to either query using a statement like you can in sql with program name being the string returned from the Display Name you selected, or to have a SINGLE query that will allow me to both filter out the Display Names like you see above and also include the Uninstall String value in the same statement.

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Sorry, I'm used to Linux and the way windows works with this stuff is absolutely confusing, I'm used to just asking they system for exactly what I want and getting an answer lol Ok, so I was completely overlooking the fact that I was reading token 2 and 3 ONLY, after I realised that, it all fell into place, I'll post exactly how I fixed it tomorrow.

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