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16-Jun-2017 11:19

Black wavy hair, brown eyes, copper to brown tanned oily skin are dominant phenotypes which the men who drew these cave paintings most likely possessed.

The women most likely possessed dominant features as well but probably had hazel eyes and slightly lighter skin which may have been less oily.

The original Europeans who carried the rhesus negative blood factor 35 000 years ago are probably the original Europeans who painted the comic strips and other art in the caves of southern France and northern Spain which includes the Chauvet-Pont-d' Arc cave and the Lascaux cave paintings found in the Pyrennes.

The rhesus negative blood factor is a recessive phenotype while the O rhesus positive factor is a dominant phenotype.

The reason being for this is that after menstruation and child birth, they needed protection from the cold and other weather elements to raise and feed thier children.

They probably spent most of thier time in those dark tepees and only occasionaly did they most likely wander out of thier tepees to collect the fruit of the plains.It is quite possible that they may have brought pigs and goats because they could survive with little care in the coastal forests and they seem to do well together since pigs eat roots and tubers while goats can eat small twigs, branches and lichens.

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