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" Once, leaving a team party, he said, "I'm going to sleep in the cemetery; it's nice and peaceful there." Once, he broke down the door of an apartment while looking for some women he’d met.When he didn’t find them inside, he slugged a guy who was.

And in the days when few questioned the notion that football was a team sport, he did. He was the definition of the individual, the guy who did his own thing.He was named to All-American teams his first year at OU, but he wore out his welcome, and in his second year, after playing in only three games, he was thrown off the team.He was drafted in the first round by the Giants, but traded during training camp to the Baltimore Washington, and presumably in other states which permit those kids to play sports in the schools, kids have no choice of schools - they may only participate in the district in which they live.

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online personals online dating join credit In many ways, he was way ahead of his time.And now, Mario Cristobal becomes my second-favorite Cubano coach, right behind my old friend Armando Castro, of Roanoke, Virginia (formerly of Miami). “Dilly Dilly” apparently was an old English children’ song, and I remember it as a popular song many years ago (1948), by Sammy Kaye -