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Alex is the third and last child born to Mary Drake.

Mary had walked into a restaurant and ran into Peter Hastings.

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During the closing scene of "Charlotte's Web", a mourning Alex places flowers on her half-sister's fresh grave next to Jessica Di Laurentis' and walks over to a black vehicle.However, by the end of the sixth season, Marlene warned Bellisario they were staying true to the plan, so they began working on the character's history and characteristics.According to Bellisario, the difference between Alex and Spencer is that "Spencer approaches things with her head and her heart, and Alex approaches things with her head and her groin.Both of them grew extremely close within the little they spent together.

Kingston had already assisted Charlotte's schemes during her reign as "A" and preceded to work for Alex when she decided to take over the game and avenge her maternal half-sister's homicide.

On her tenth birthday, Alex ran away from the Ambrose Home for Wayward Children, a year before Mary discovered she was there.

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