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If you like names ending with the soothing ‘ah’ sound, you should feast your eyes on this adorable Arabic muslim girl name, meaning ‘beloved’. Lakia means ‘treasure’ in Arabic, perfect for your little treasure? Mahala means ‘powerful’ – an apt name for a strong baby!Arabic Karimah, the feminine form of Kareem, meaning ‘generous’, is one of the 99 names of Allah. If you want your daughter to be a warmhearted and passionate individual, name her Lina, which means ‘tender’. Lulu is derived from an Arabic word, meaning ‘pearl’.[ Read: Cute Baby Girl Names ]Apart from referring to the color and shape of the wild cow’s eyes, Maha also means ‘rare jewel’ or ‘spring with clear water’. This not-so-common name is inspired by horse, one of the most important animals in Arab culture. If you’re looking for a name that comes packed with history, go for Malala, which is derived from Malalai, the name of a 19th century Afghan freedom fighter. It is the Muslim version of the Arabic name Noor and means ‘full of light’. Muslims believe that they are called by their names on the Judgement Day, and so the baby names have to be meaningful, pleasant, and good. Mom Junction has compiled a list of many such meaningful Muslim baby girl names for your little princess. Aa’eedah is a lilting baby girl name, meaning ‘returning or reward’. Aaleyah is a nice twist on the now common name Aaliyah. Adara, meaning ‘virgin’, is simply perfect for a Virgo baby. The name Ahd, meaning ‘pledge’ is both charming and unusual. The beauty of this name must have stunned you, but we’re sure you’ll enjoy its meaning also. You must have noticed that Muslim baby names make great options for their beautiful and deep meanings and Amal is no exception. Another beautiful but common Muslim name, Ameena means ‘trustworthy’ in Arabic. It is a traditional name and is perfect for religious families. Afaaf, meaning ‘pure and chaste’, would make an interesting choice for your daughter. This earthy name, meaning ‘color of earth’, has ties with Saint Afra, the German patroness of fallen women. Alima, meaning ‘educated or intellectual’, is one of our most favorite names in this list, solely because of its etymology.A baby name such as Hidaya will inspire your daughter to follow the correct guidance in her life. Inaya is an unusual and exotic Muslim name, meaning ‘concerned’.

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It means ‘close, intimate, or one who’s a good friend’.After all, who wouldn’t love a name associated with ‘happiness and cheerfulness’.Intisar means ‘triumph’, and who doesn’t wish to triumph over all the negatives?Faizah, an exquisite sounding name, means ‘victorious or winner’ in Arabic.

If you like names that have a vintage aura, then you’re likely to adore this name. Muslim name Falak means ‘sky is full light and is beautiful’. Fareeda, meaning ‘gem or precious pearl’, is one-of-a-kind Muslim baby girl name.

Ayshah or Aisha means ‘living or prosperous’ in Arabic.

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