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The legends of the Space Wolves Chapter are told on countless thousands of worlds, and like the greatest of their fellow First Founding kin, they hold so many battle-honours that it would take a battle-scribe an entire lifetime to commit them all to parchment.

The manner in which such laurels are won and recounted amongst the Space Wolves is very different to how such things are achieved amongst other Chapters.

The Wolf Brothers suffered from rampant mutation of their gene-seed not long after their Founding and were later disbanded.

It is currently unknown if there are any other Successor Chapters of the Space Wolves in the Imperium.

As a result of these deeds, each Space Wolf carries within him unparalleled expertise, and wears the scars to prove it.

Perhaps more than any other Chapter, the character of a Space Wolves Battle-Brother is defined by his age.

Originally the VI Legion of Astartes raised by the Emperor at the dawn of the Great Crusade, the Space Wolves are renowned for their anti-authoritarian ways and their embrace of their homeworld Fenris' savage barbarian culture as well as their extreme deviation from the Codex Astartes in the Chapter's organisation.

Even in their manners, the Battle-Brothers of the Space Wolves differ from most other Space Marines, for they are competitive and headstrong, and at once individualistic and fiercely loyal to their "Pack." Space Wolves seek to write their saga with every deed they perform and every battle they fight, and perhaps more than any other Chapter, their service is an epic in itself.As headstrong as they are fierce, the Space Wolves excel at close-quarters fighting, their warriors vying keenly for glory on the field of battle.The Space Wolves live to fight, and death holds no fear for them.Later in life, having faced every foe and seen all there is to be seen, the Space Wolf and his few surviving peers might form a Long Fangs Pack, where their hard-fought experience and wisdom affords them the ability to provide fire support to the rest of the force, and to act as an immovable island in the seething ocean of battle.

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Throughout his service, the Space Wolf compiles his great saga, not in words, but in deeds.

To the Space Wolves, there is no contradiction, for the very world that birthed them is subject to such extremes.

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