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The higher the thieving level, the more NPCs the player is able to pickpocket from. " and will stun you for a few seconds and cause damage.

However, it is possible for the NPC to notice a pickpocket, in which case the NPC will yell "What do you think you're doing? The amount of damage taken is roughly proportionate to the amount of life points the player currently has, specifically 30 damage per 1,000 life points starting at 60 life points (60 damage at 1,000 life points, 90 damage at 2,000 life points and so on).

150-315 coins, soft clay, oak plank, teak plank, soda ash, harmonic dust, clue scroll (hard), clue scroll (elite), crystal weapon seed, crystal armour seed, crystal tool seed, brawling gloves (thieving), brawling gloves (cooking), Ithell symbol piece, Prifddinian musician's outfit pieces, crystal motherlode shard, crystal triskelion fragments.

Coins, noted bowstring, noted unpowered orb, noted super magic potion (1), noted super ranging potion (1), shark, clue scroll (hard), clue scroll (elite), brawling gloves (magic), brawling gloves (ranged), Cadarn symbol piece, crystal weapon seed, crystal triskelion fragments.

This is excellent for thieving as NPCs hit small amounts of damage. 100-400 coins, noted bronze bar, noted iron bar, noted steel bar, noted mithril bar, noted Adamant bar, noted Rune bar, noted tin ore, noted copper ore, noted iron ore, noted mithril ore, noted adamantite ore, noted runite ore, noted coal, level 3 clue scroll, court summons, Wishing well bush seed, Barberry seed, Sunchoke seed, Butterfly flower seed, Snape grass seed, Fly trap seed, Reed seed, Prickly pear seed, Grapevine seed, Potato cactus seed, Crystal triskelion fragments.

The direction that the NPC is facing does not have any effect on the chance of success of the pickpocket. At level 91, the elves of Prifddinas can be pickpocketed by a single (left) click.

Coins, tinderbox, logs, uncut semi-precious gems, level 1 clue scrolls, steel pickaxes/ raw anchovies, raw chicken, H. The reset times run independently for each area, but an entire clan must be alerted before their timer begins.

With the addition of Batch II, it is now possible to constantly train thieving, as the 20 minute timer typically runs down before you alert every clan.

This is the act of walking up to an NPC and right-clicking them, then selecting Pickpocket.

Alternatively, one may bring familiars, regen bracelet, or food such as cakes that can be stolen from cake stalls. These guards are downstairs in the store-rooms, and cannot be accessed until after completing the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest. When caught, the player will not be able to thieve from rogues on that floor of Rogues' Castle for 2 minutes, but can thieve from rogues on other floors during this time.

The best food to bring is a basket of strawberries, because although you need to consume it in several bites, overall it heals more than rocktails. Yields the same finds as when you pickpocket a male H. M member, with the addition of bronze, iron, steel, and silver keys. 300 coins, 1 earth rune, gold ore, fire orb, swamp toad, king worm, court summons, wishing well bush seed, barberry seed, sunchoke seed, butterfly flower seed, snape grass seed, fly trap seed, reed seed, prickly pear seed, grapevine seed, potato cactus seed 280 or 350 coins, fire orb, gold ore, jug of wine, 2 death runes, cut diamonds, unicorn horn, 3 nature runes, wishing well bush seed, barberry seed, sunchoke seed, butterfly flower seed, snape grass seed, fly trap seed, reed seed, prickly pear seed, grapevine seed, potato cactus seed, crystal triskelion fragments.

Thieving is a members-only support skill that allows players to obtain coins and items by stealing from market stalls, chests, or by pickpocketing non-player characters (NPCs).

This skill also allows players to unlock doors and disarm traps.

One could also use the Exoskeleton set, as it provides the same benefits as the gloves of silence in addition to bonus thieving experience (if one owns the Black ibis outfit).

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