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04-Oct-2017 19:29

It was a blind buy for me but I just realized how lucky I am. The most prominent at first in this one is the incense and resins, and a dusty, almost old orange (it works here).

It has a stronger, characteristic scent which is tipically oriental, spicy and warm in the same time.

Oh my God, what is that, is this created by a human being? This is just beautiful, the most wonderful Oriental I have ever smelled.

:) two different smell, when I smell up close you get kinda harsh carnation but what it comes to your nose from a distance is unexplainable for me, well blended coconutty oriental madness. Two years ago I had the opportunity to smell the wonderful iteration from the early 80s, warm, comforting, mysterious and animalic, almost oily and round, and had to find one.

This perfume reminded me of youth dew upon first application when wet, but the dry down! This doesn't smell heavy to me at all but my tastes are a bit strange. :) I am very curious about the Eau de Parfume and will look for a decant of that sometime soon. Sorry to leave this on the review section but can't find the info online anywhere.

If anyone has the box/ingredient list can you PLEASE private msg me.

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The fragrance morphed from first application and I had no idea it would change into this. In fact in risk of being hit with tomatos I feel this is more wearable than my sig scent Youth Dew.

I just need to know if the original perfume has dyes in it and if so which ones? I am not, at this moment in time au fait with the ways of writing about fragrance in a manner that is helpfully descriptive as well as succinct. I grew up in house where Opium was sprayed for any occasion on all females in the family.