Delphi 7 updating

06-Jun-2017 16:41

The code for the media player is not being imported and bundled into a Delphi component which may be linked into your application, but rather, a Delphi component which is able to reach into the Windows API’s to find and operate the Windows Media Player component is created.

This means that your application will only work if the Windows Media Player component is already installed and available on the machine on which it runs.

The dialog tells you that many component classes have been installed.

What has happened is the Windows Media Player component has been imported as “TWindows Media Player”, but also, several other related components have been imported.

You’ll now be presented with a list of Active X controls which are registered on your Windows system.

This is necessary, the windows media player component is a composite of each of these other components.

You could modify the source code which has been generated so that only the TWindows Media Player component is registered if you wish, however, you may find some of these other components useful so why not leave them where they are for now, you can explore them for yourself later.

The reason I mention this however, is that it’s entirely possible that Microsoft stop shipping the Windows Media Player component at some point in the future, perhaps because they replace it with some other component, or perhaps because they change the underlying technology or API.

It’s not overly likely, but it is possible, so be aware of this risk before using the component.Go ahead and select a location on your disk, you can place it in the same directory as you selected for the component source code for convenience.

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