Sedating children on flights

13-Jul-2017 14:35

(This gives many adults a bloated feeling.) For infants, sucking adds more and unnecessary air and food to the stomach, and may cause fussiness.

Infants need no more feedings in flight than at home.

Little is known about the correct dosage and when to repeat it. Some observers believe that “criers” are the ones more likely to become agitated from antihistamines.

And the concept of “trying out” medications at home in the days before the flight to see an infant’s reaction – as suggested in advice columns and books – is more dosing for dubious reasons.

In-flight dehydration is a myth; it does not exist.

Adult air travelers erroneously interpret their parched mouths and throats as dehydration.

(And, alas, we know little about why they cry at home. Acid reflux is currently in vogue.)Sedating medications are generally most effective when given prior to the event requiring sedation.

Since we do not know if and when infants will cry during flights, arguably, most infants aboard would require sedating to calm the few.

At cruising altitudes, the air in stomachs and intestines of all passengers is already expanded by 20%, the result of lower atmospheric pressure.Your child may have a condition that makes it particularly dangerous to take certain medications.

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