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04-Sep-2017 00:24

It is overall much less awkward to remain seated, I would suppose, and it is thus probably easier to make considered, discriminating judgements.In my own case I know that I probably checked off a few more numbers than I would otherwise at the end of the evening, simply because it was hard to remember enough of my impressions to make choices.Most significantly, speed dating really doesn't approximate reality that well, even if it is convenient for experiments.

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EDIT: Having had some more time to look over the study, I think I should point out that it wasn't a reversal of the usual gender behavior: female rotators were only moderately less selective than male sitters, while male rotators were significantly less selective than female sitters.

According to most studies and in accordance with popular stereotypes, men are normally less selective than women when it comes to evaluating potential romantic partners - in general, it appears that men are more likely to want to date any given woman than women are to want to date any given man.

In a typical speed dating experiment, men and women rate potential partners as either a "yes" or a "no" depending on whether or not they want to see that person again.

You are also given a card with a box to check for each number if you would like to see that person again.

The notes are for you to take home, the card you submit to the organizers.The speed dating events I attended allowed about 3 minutes per interview (or "date") before proceeding to the next pairing.