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I am not trying to convince you either way, just stating facts. I personally found 2.5tons a little hard to believe as well because the area only has 80sq. worth of low e double pane widows, with R30 bats in the ceiling and r13 in the walls.I'm in the north Texas area and the contractors used 102 for an outside temp and 75 for an indoor temp.I have been told that going to the variable speed air handler will add about to my quotes that didn't have it.

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They may come down in price in the future, who knows?

The Moderators are going to remove your pricing if you don't remove it.

That pricing is about the cost of that motor, part-only.

A v/s can also add half to 1 point on the SEER rating of the system.

I am not trying to convince you either way, just stating facts. The contractor that quoted a 2.5 ton just sent over the following ARI cert.

I'm really unsure of what asking for the load calc.

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