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12-Nov-2017 18:05

If that sounds overwhelming, believe me -- I've been in your shoes.

2018 edition and inside the magazine, she revealed the advice she gave her 6-year-old daughter about dating."She said to me the other day, 'How many boys can I have at once? ' I said, 'Probably none of them because they won't deserve you,'" she shared.

"Same goes for Valentine's Day, their birthday, or the day they put down their cat." Still, she explains, "it's silly and even a little bit cruel to stay with someone for longer than you should just because of the impending holidays.” Plus, if you happen to be living together, “breaking up prior to the holiday season might be a good thing — it'll give you time to abandon your shared space for your familial homes and let you figure out next steps.”If you’re out-and-out unsure about whether it’s time to break up, do what you’d do at any other time of year: Talk about your concerns with your partner.

Sure, those state-of-the-union discussions can be uncomfortable, but they're worth it for clarity’s sake (for both of you).

Here's a big one: Spending money on gifts and travel.

When Amelia, age 29, was a college freshman, she attempted to stay with her high school boyfriend.

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I guess I just felt like I needed someone to help me get through it.”If you decide to stay together, be aware that certain holiday traditions can heighten relationship tensions.

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